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2015 In Review

​We raised funds for two major projects in 2015, but also raised the funds for several smaller pieces of equipment as well as the Foundations’ Education and Scholarship awards. The total of the funds we raised and expended was $991,931. That happened as 4,353 donations were made by businesses, individuals and organizations. Those donations are what allow us to buy this equipment and help put new services in place.

This was the most challenging year we have had for some time, especially so in light of the fact that it has been a challenging year for the business community with a depressed economic climate. 

This year was a success for two reasons: 

  • We had tremendous support from people, organizations and the business community throughout east central Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. People in this area obviously care about community, about their friends and neighbours. 
  • People clearly thought the equipment we were raising money for made sense; the CT scanner was our major project and everyone understood that it will provide a significant upgrade to the diagnostic services available; people knew this new equipment could and will help save lives. 

We raised money for the following items or projects this year: 

  • CT Scan, $635,000. The new CT scanner is in the hospital and has been fully operational since the first week of May.  
  • Canora CEC, $202,000. We worked with the community of Canora, the Canora and District Healthcare Foundation and the towns and RMs that use the hospital in Canora to raise the funds to renovate the hospital. The renovations are complete and the renovated hospital has been in use since January 2016. 
  • Palliative Care Rooms in Jowsey House, Yorkton, $18,273. These renovations are complete and the rooms are in use.
  •  These are the only dedicated palliative care rooms in Yorkton and they have been needed for a long time. 
  • Lymphedema Chairs, $5,100. This is a new program we started with Sunrise several years ago. Often when women have breast cancer they need radiation treatments. Sometimes the radiation will damage the lymph glands. When that happens women need to use a lymphedema press to assist moving liquid in their body. Before we set up this service breast cancer survivors needing the service traveled to Regina to access the equipment. These chairs are part of an expansion of the service. 
  • Glidescope, $23,310. This is required for the operating room and the device assists intubation of patients. 
  • ECG for Foam Lake, $8,507.23. Cardiac issues are the leading cause of death in Sunrise health region and it makes sense to have this equipment available locally, Foam Lake have a staff person able to operate the equipment.
  • Milk Drop Project, $2,543.20. We bought a special freezer to allow moms to donate their excess breast milk to help sick babies across Canada. The Yorkton Milk Drop is a partnership with The Calgary Mother’s Milk Bank. The breast milk that is collected here will be sent there for the required processing to make it safe for all babies.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound, $3,679.20. This is for Cornerstone Therapies and is tool used almost daily by therapists
  • Broda Chairs for Kamsack, $5,880.
  • Charity Golf Classic Purchases, $58,033. The Charity Golf Classic raises funds every year that are used to purchase a variety of smaller items for the facilities throughout all of Sunrise health region. 
  • Education Awards, $28,701. This program assists nurses and therapists who want to improve their clinical care skills to better look after patients. 

In addition, The Health Foundation continues to run the Farming for Health Project which raises funds we set aside for the new regional hospital. In 2015 we raised net revenue of $170,058 which was placed in the new regional hospital fund. 

The purpose of the foundation is to improve and expand the healthcare services that are available locally. 2015 was successful year because the equipment we have purchased, or the programs we’ve helped put in place, will make a positive difference in our local healthcare. 

The Health Foundation raises funds by asking businesses, organizations and individuals for donations. Generally, if people can see there will be a clear benefit by providing a new service, they are willing to make a donation. 

It also raises funds from events like the Charity Golf Tournament, Airwaves for Health Radiothon, Road Race and Gala. The golf tournament and the road race involve the public in a large way, because the runners and golfers raise pledges in the community. 

Volunteers are critical to the success of the events held each year. Each event has a committee of volunteers that organize the event, and then there are many more people volunteering on the day of the event. 

The Foundation also operates the Gift Shoppe at the hospital, where more than 40 people volunteer every week to work in the shop. It is open about 80 hours a week, and staffed completely by volunteers. 

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