2017: medical equipment purchased, and more money raised for a new hospital

The Health Foundation purchased medical equipment valued at $587,662 for the health region in 2017. We were able to do that because we had a lot of help. Over 5,000 donations were made to the Foundation in the year. 

In addition, $253,000 was set aside for the new hospital fund. These proceeds came from the Farming for Health project. The Farming for Health project has reached its goal of raising $1 million, and all of those funds have been set aside for the new hospital. Farming for Health will continue but in future years the funds raised will buy needed medical equipment. 

Because of the generosity of our donors we purchased several pieces of equipment that are making a difference in our healthcare: 

  • Two infant resuscitation machines with radiant warmers for maternity,
  • Two anesthetic machines for the operating rooms (we agreed to buy one if the government bought one),
  • Two ventilators for the Intensive Care Unit.

In addition, working with Brayden Ottenbreit Close cuts for Cancer we were able to renovate, furnish and equip two rooms for palliative care in Jowsey House at the Yorkton and District Nursing Home. This equipment and the palliative care rooms added up to $252,000. 

We also raised and spent $118,472 on many smaller pieces of equipment, like a scope for the Ear Nose and Throat Clinic, equipment for nurses working in homecare, and of course we buy equipment for most of the facilities outside of Yorkton. 

Another $26,390 was awarded in education scholarships in 2017, to assist nurses and therapists who want to improve their clinical care skills so they can look after patients to the best of their ability. Sometimes when it has been difficult to recruit people for positions, The Foundation provides funds so nurses or medical technicians can take additional training. 

The surgical microscope cost $190,800 after taxes. Fundraising for this continued into early 2018 but we ordered the machine because it’s so important; without it we don’t have a cataract surgery program. The remaining funds were raised early in the new year. 

2016: new equipment for the intensive care unit at the regional hospital

The year 2016 started with the goal to finish the campaign to raise funds for the new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) monitoring equipment, specifically a new state-of-the-art central monitoring system and eight telemetry units for the ICU in the regional hospital in Yorkton.
This equipment is expensive with a cost of $421,000, but considering how vital the equipment is, and how many people will use it, it can be seen to be necessary.
The ICU in the regional hospital cares for the most critically ill patients, who are often in life-threatening situations and require the most intensive level of care. Often it is a struggle for the doctors and nurses to keep a patient alive. 

The central monitoring system and the telemetry units that have been used by the ICU are old and at the end of their life. They need to be replaced because they are breaking down. Two of the telemetry units have broken down and are not repairable. 

Technology has made significant advances in the last 10 years and the new equipment will do a better job. At least 1,200 people use the ICU in the regional hospital every year. The better the equipment monitoring and accessing patient conditions the better the chance of a successful outcome for patients. This new equipment will help to save lives. 

This campaign is now finished and the equipment has been ordered. It requires re-wiring and renovations to implement, so will be installed and in use by the end of 2017. 


We raised money for the following items or projects IN 2015: 

  • CT Scan, $635,000. The new CT scanner is in the hospital and has been fully operational since the first week of May.  
  • Canora CEC, $202,000. We worked with the community of Canora, the Canora and District Healthcare Foundation and the towns and RMs that use the hospital in Canora to raise the funds to renovate the hospital. The renovations are complete and the renovated hospital has been in use since January 2016. 
  • Palliative Care Rooms in Jowsey House, Yorkton, $18,273. These renovations are complete and the rooms are in use.
  •  These are the only dedicated palliative care rooms in Yorkton and they have been needed for a long time. 
  • Lymphedema Chairs, $5,100. This is a new program we started with Sunrise several years ago. Often when women have breast cancer they need radiation treatments. Sometimes the radiation will damage the lymph glands. When that happens women need to use a lymphedema press to assist moving liquid in their body. Before we set up this service breast cancer survivors needing the service traveled to Regina to access the equipment. These chairs are part of an expansion of the service. 
  • Glidescope, $23,310. This is required for the operating room and the device assists intubation of patients. 
  • ECG for Foam Lake, $8,507.23. Cardiac issues are the leading cause of death in Sunrise health region and it makes sense to have this equipment available locally, Foam Lake have a staff person able to operate the equipment.
  • Milk Drop Project, $2,543.20. We bought a special freezer to allow moms to donate their excess breast milk to help sick babies across Canada. The Yorkton Milk Drop is a partnership with The Calgary Mother’s Milk Bank. The breast milk that is collected here will be sent there for the required processing to make it safe for all babies.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound, $3,679.20. This is for Cornerstone Therapies and is tool used almost daily by therapists
  • Broda Chairs for Kamsack, $5,880.
  • Charity Golf Classic Purchases, $58,033. The Charity Golf Classic raises funds every year that are used to purchase a variety of smaller items for the facilities throughout all of Sunrise health region. 
  • Education Awards, $28,701. This program assists nurses and therapists who want to improve their clinical care skills to better look after patients.

In addition, The Health Foundation continues to run the Farming for Health Project which raises funds we set aside for the new regional hospital. In 2015 we raised net revenue of $170,058 which was placed in the new regional hospital fund. 

2014: $1 million for equipment and a new hospital

The  Health Foundation had a goal of raising $1,000,000 in 2014. These funds are for medical equipment and for the new Regional Hospital. We raised funds for the following medical equipment:
•Bedside Monitors - $108,750
•Primary Care Telehealth Suite - $50,850
•Resident Bus for Yorkton & District Nursing Home - $104,500
•Facilities outside of Yorkton - $105,000
•Minor Equipment for Chemotherapy, Lab, Palliative Care and Surgery - $81,000
•Education Awards - $25,000
•We also plan to raise $500,000 toward the new Regional Hospital

Bedside Monitor Campaign
This is a new technology used in many hospitals throughout North America. The use of these new monitors assists communication and
understanding of a medical condition by the patient and their family. This system helps integrate education into he patient/doctor
discussion by providing a simple way to share a patient's health information.

Using the monitors, doctors can access the latest information for the patient, including nursing assessment, laboratory x-ray department scan and test results. Patient records for the last six years are available using the monitors. This information will be available to the physican when they are talking to the patient at the bedside. The doctor can review those test results with the patient and the patient's family, if that is the patients' wish. Medication will be ordered and verified using this information system.

Doctors will enter their notes and directions for patient care on the monitors at the bedside. Nurses will enter their nursing assessment into the systems as well; the charting of medications prescribed and when they are given to the patient will happen at the bedside. This information will be seen by all nurses and doctors that attend the patient.

The Health Foundation has agreed to share the cost of the purchase of these monitors with the government and the health region. We
have agreed to raise the funds to pay for 25 of the 86 bedside monitors needed. We are asking community organizations, businesses and individuals to make a donation and to help us raise the funds we need. The monitors cost $4350; our commitment to 25 monitors is

Patient Use of Monitors
When medical staff are not using the monitors, patients can use them to watch TV, access the internet or use them for email.

2013: $600,000 for medical equipment and $500,000 for the new regional hospital

We raised $150,000 for a STARS heli-pad. This program has been delayed; we will either build the heli-pad in the coming year or the

funds will be used to put a heli-pad on the roof of the new regional hospital.

New upgraded haematology (blood) analyzer – The lab in the regional hospital will run over 32,000 tests annually on this machine. This machine is new technology and provides better information and allows our technologists and doctors to do tests they couldn’t before. This machine helps diagnose cancers, blood disorders and nutritional deficiencies, and provides a complete blood count for almost every patient getting blood work;

New Cardiac Stress Test equipment –This equipment consists of a treadmill and computer equipment and programming. Various cardiac conditions can be diagnosed with this equipment.

We spent another $225,667 for smaller pieces of equipment, Items like vital signs monitors, telehealth monitors for the heart and stroke clinic, $31,000 in new surgical equipment, and items for ICU and palliative care.

We also spent about $100,000 in the facilities outside of Yorkton as we do every year. Many people think we only raise funds for the hospital in Yorkton, but we raise funds for every facility in Sunrise Health Region. This year we bought items from a blood gas analyzer in Langenburg, and a medication cart and a ceiling track system in Esterhazy, to a blanket warmer and chemotherapy fridge in Melville.

We also awarded $26,500 in education scholarships. We assist nurses and therapists to improve their clinical care skills so they can look after patients to the best of their ability.

We also raised $500,000 toward the new Regional Hospital. This is part of a program demonstrating to the government that there is
a very broad base of support in our region for a new regional hospital.

2012: $520,000 for medical equipment

Ultrasound Machine cost $230,000 which includes renovations. We agreed to raise the funds and buy this equipment as the government and
Sunrise agreed to hire another Ultrasound technician. This way an additional 2,500 ultrasound exams will be done a year and the wait time to get an exam will be reduced.

We spent $170,000 on smaller items like fetal monitors, new equipment and minor renovations for an expanded chemotherapy program,
monitors for the ICU and equipment for the lab at the regional hospital.

We spent about $100,000 in the facilities outside of Yorkton, as we do every year. $22,000 was spent on Education Scholarships and awards, as we do every year.

2011 and 2010: $675,000 for medical equipment

New equipment for the surgical program cost $250,000. We bought several key pieces of equipment required for surgery, including an
anesthetic machine, a ligasure device, and equipment for cataract surgery.

This program did two main things: first, we agreed to raise the funds to buy an anesthetic machine if the government would also buy
one. That allowed us to upgrade and get rid of an older anesthetic machine. Having new and current equipment makes a better work
environment for our doctors and nurses. Second, the equipment for cataract surgery allowed Sunrise to perform an additional 400 cataract surgeries in the year. This brings wait times for surgery down. We raise the funds to purchase the equipment and the government pays for the extra staff time and the procedures.

Patient  Controlled Pain (PCA) Management Pumps (a new service) cost $38,000. In addition to better pain management for the patient, the PCA pumps help nurses by giving them the tools they need to give the patients the best care possible. PCA is used for post-operative
pain management, and for end-stage cancer patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (a new service) cost $25,000. This program is designed for individuals who have had a heart attack or are
living with heart disease. The program is a supervised exercise program. Participants are assessed, and an exercise program is tailored specifically to their needs. Before we started this program patients were referred to Regina or Saskatoon.

The Health Foundation purchased exercise equipment, cardiac monitors and defibrillation equipment and also purchased equipment to
evaluate patients before they start the program.

We finished the Stroke Rehabilitation program (a new service) at a cost of $30,000.

Upgrade of Dialysis Program cost $31,000 for new Dialysis Chairs and additional minor equipment We raised $31,000 and were able to
access $15,000 in provincial money to complete the upgrade.

Lymphodema Vests (a new service) cost $8,500. Radiation therapy often destroys lymph glands and that can cause fluid to build up, which needs to be drained. Before we bought this equipment many breast cancer survivors needed to go to Regina two or three times a week for the treatment.

Education and Scholarships totalled $25,000 for over 30 awards.

Conceptual Plan was $212,000. We raised the funds to pay for a conceptual plan for a new regional hospital. This was the government
required first step in moving forward with planning for a new regional hospital.

2009: Stroke Pilot Project $425,000

In 2009 Sunrise Health Region was selected by the provincial government to undertake a provincial pilot project that will save lives and prevent disability for many people who suffer a stroke. The province provided the funds to set up a stroke prevention clinic and for new staff; mainly nurses and physiotherapists. The Health Foundation raised the funds to purchase the diagnostic equipment needed for this project, as well as the rehabilitative equipment the therapists needed to work with patients that have had a stroke.

The Health Foundation upgraded the CT Scan to a 16-slice machine from a 10-slice. In addition, we bought the brain perfusion software
module for our CT so our radiologists can conduct brain scans to assist determining the cause of a stroke.

2008: Cardiac Equipment $486,000

The Health Foundation raised the funds to purchase an echocardiogram machine, an arrhythmia monitoring system. We needed this equipment as cardiovascular disease is a huge issue in our health region; we have a notably senior population and the risk of heart attack and stroke increases dramatically with age. However, heart disease is treatable and manageable, and this equipment improves our doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat heart conditions.

In addition, The Health Foundation assisted the purchase of cardiac monitoring and defibrillation equipment for the four ambulances serving the areas around the communities of Ituna, Melville, Esterhazy and Langenburg. Raising the funds for this equipment was a joint effort between the four communities and The Health Foundation.

2007: Digital Mammography Equipment $850,000

2006: Ultrasound Equipment $248,008

Other purchases in 2005 and before include the following:

  • Respiratory Equipment: $108,800
  • CT Scanner: $345,000
  • Ophthalmologic Surgical Microscope: $89,000
  • ICU Equipment: $410,000
  • Dialysis Equipment: $135,000
  • X-Ray Fluoroscopy Machine: $460,793
  • Giving... It's Great Medicine: A campaign to raise funds for health care facilities and equipment was conducted in 2001-02 under the theme Giving... it's great medicine! The undertaking was the largest fund-raising campaign ever in Yorkton and region. It assisted in the construction of the multi-purpose health care facility adjacent to the Yorkton and District Nursing Home, provided funds for the Intensive Care Unit,
  • contributed to the X-Ray Fluoroscopy campaign, and supplemented the education endowment fund by $50,000.
  • Colour Doppler Ultrasound: $204,000. In 1998-99 The Health Foundation made its first significant purchase, a state-of-the-art colour Doppler ultrasound machine at a cost of $204,000. The ultrasound machine allowed the expansion of diagnostic services for the residents of east central Saskatchewan. It provided for an additional 3,000 exams per year, consisting of high quality fine detail imaging.


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