What is Primary Health Care?

It is a philosophy and approach in which a team of health professionals provide everyday health services focused on working with patients, clients, families and communities.

Primary health care is the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore an individual’s health.

For most people it is both the first point of contact with the health care system and the most frequently used.

Why Is the Primary Healthcare Centre

a good sponsorship opportunity?

The Health Foundation is seeking sponsorships, including naming rights, for the new Health and Wellness Centre. Why should you consider this?

>>There will be a high level of satisfaction with the Centre by patients who use it as it is designed to continually evaluate progress to make sure it is meeting patient needs;

>>Healthcare cuts across all demographic lines so the patients who use this facility will be representative of the entire east central Saskatchewan region;

>>The medical staff are excited to be part of a cutting edge pilot project;

>>The sponsorship will provide access to the public generally and to a large base of patients that that will appreciate the improved access and healthcare service available to them;

>>Employees of the sponsoring company will see that the company they work for cares about the community they live in. 

New health and wellness primary care centre now open in Yorkton

Sunrise Health Region is conducting a pilot project with the provincial government designed to test several ways to improve primary healthcare service. A new 7,000 square foot facility has been built at 259 Hamilton Road in Yorkton and will serve as the central hub for all primary care services for the Sunrise Health Region. This facility is leased for 10 years.

This is an exciting new facility for our region, and is it a significant gain for the healthcare services we have locally.

The Health and Welness Centre, opened the week of October 6. As this is a new building, the health region has been able to design the facility to fit the parameters of this innovation program and to be practical and efficient for patients.

Primary healthcare is generally the first point of contact with the healthcare system and the most frequently used. The goal of the Centre is to provide the right care, at the right time, with the right care provider. To do that, the Centre will have a full complement of healthcare professionals.

Funding for the operation of this project is provided by the province, with the expectation that what is learned from this project will support improvements to the development of integrated primary healthcare throughout the province. While provincial funding will build the Centre and pay for the additional staff being hired to enable this project, the community is expected to raise funds to assist the purchase of new medical equipment.

A Patient First Approach

The new Centre is a long-term project designed to improve the patient’s experience with healthcare, and patient access to the care they need. Those patients who utilize the new Centre should be admitted and see a healthcare provider within 15 minutes of reporting to reception.

When a patient reports to the Centre a nurse will see them to assess why they are there and determine which healthcare provider they need to see. It may be that the patient doesn’t need to see a doctor, but perhaps a Nurse Practitioner, a Pharmacist, a Nutritionist, a Physiotherapist or a mental health nurse. They will all be present in the Centre.

It will be staffed by 24 healthcare professionals, including seven doctors and two nurse practitioners. These healthcare professionals will manage and treat patients with general health issues, those with chronic medical conditions and women’s wellness issues.

Approximately 65% of patients who go to the doctor don’t need to see a doctor, but under the current system the doctor is the first point of contact. That’s why patients will be assessed as to which healthcare provider they need to see. While a patient may be assessed and sent to a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor, if after examination the nurse practitioner thinks the patient really does need to see a doctor, they will see the doctor in the next few minutes.

Using this process the doctors in the Centre should only be seeing patients that actually need to see a doctor. The doctors will have will have more time to spend with each patient to determine the best course of action for their particular medical condition.

Who Will Use the Centre

While the Centre will be available to all patients within the Sunrise Health Region, its initial focus will be to provide support for persons with chronic disease conditions and women’s wellness issues.

This clinic will accomplish a number of things:

  • It will relieve pressure on the Emergency room in the Yorkton Regional hospital by taking many of the type of patients who currently use the Emergency and dealing with them in the new Centre.
  • This means the patients who use Emergency, and, who use the Centre should see an improvement in the time it takes them to see a healthcare professional.
  • Patients with chronic medical conditions will receive improved medical care.

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