Ways to Give

There are many ways that residents of eastern Saskatchewan and western Manitoba can contribute to The Health Foundation, to help ensure quality medical and long term care.

That support can include small donations, of which we receive many and for which we are very grateful; supporting the fund raising events of The Health Foundation and other organizations assisting our work; corporate support from our friends in the business community who recognize the importance of good health care to a vibrant community; and planned giving...gifts that are arranged now but that will take effect in the future.

Personal donations

Many individuals make donations large and small throughout the year. It may be $10, $100, $1,000, $10,000 -- or it may be more. But all help to further the work of The Health Foundation. We automatically issue tax receipts for all donations of $20 and more, and on request for others. You may wish to consider providing The Health Foundation with a series of post-dated cheques, if that suits your budget. For your convenience, donations are accepted at any of the health care facilities in the district, and you will receive a temporary receipt at the time. As a registered charity, The Health Foundation will then issue an official receipt for tax purposes.

Support of fund raising events

The Health Foundation, as well as clubs and organizations in the community, conduct fund raising events. Your support of these events, such as the Charity Golf Classic and our Gala Night all benefit The Health Foundation.

Memorial gifts

If you want to remember a friend or family member who has had a special meaning to your life, memorial giving allows you to honour that person, while helping the health care facilities in our district. We will inform the family of your kindness, but the amount of your donation will be kept confidential. We will, of course, issue charitable tax receipts for donations of $20 or more.

Tribute gifts

Want to salute a special occasion such as an anniversary, retirement, graduation or birthday of a special friend, family member or colleague? You can make a tribute gift on their behalf to The Health Foundation. We will inform the person you have honoured of your gift. For donations of $20 or more, a charitable tax receipt will be issued.

Third party events

The Health Foundation encourages organizations or individuals to hold events or activities that raise funds to improve our local healthcare. If you wish to hold an event to raise funds in support of our local healthcare, please contact The Health Foundation. Examples of events that have donated proceeds to The Health Foundation are: Pharmachoice Curling Classic, Braden Ottenbreit Close Cuts for Cancer Local Initiatives, M.C. Knoll School Survivor Earth Day, and Churchbridge Antler Acres Golf Tournament

Call 306-786-0506
Toll free 1-800-636-3243

Legacy giving

Are you thinking about leaving a legacy for your community? Why not a leave a legacy of caring that would change many people's lives.

For gifts made to The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan, Inc. through your will, your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt and may claim up to a maximum of 100% of income in the year of your passing.

There are many options on how to make a legacy gift. You may want the Foundation, for example, to receive all, or a portion, of whatever remains from your estate after debts, taxes, administrative expenses and specific bequests have been paid. Or perhaps your wish would be for the Foundation to receive all, or a share, of your estate only in the event that other beneficiaries have passed away by the time your will is read.

Your legacy gift can also take many forms, depending on what is right for you. You may choose to donate life insurance to the Foundation as a way to provide a significant gift at a relatively low cost. Or you may prefer to designate the Foundation as a beneficiary under your RRSP or RRIF, which can reduce the amount of income tax payable on these assets.

There are also charitable gift annuities, gifts of residual interest, and charitable remainder trusts that might work for you.

However you choose to give, we are committed to working with you, your family, executors and/or financial planners to ensure your charitable wishes are realized.

For more information on legacy giving, contact:
Ross Fisher,
Executive Director
The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan
Phone 306.786-0506
Email ross.fisher@shr.sk.ca